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I was involved in a serious motorbike accident a couple of years ago. I had a head on collision into a Toyota truck. The impact was severe enough to split my Helmut in half .I sustained open wounds to the face and neck along a fifth metacarpal fracture and multiple soft tissue injuries, a large diffuse haematoma in the anterior thigh left hand and large open wound to left medial knee.

I was in a wheelchair for a couple of months and crutches for 7 months. It took me almost one year to walk steadily without the aid of crutches or a stick and. I am still stretching and working on regaining dexterity in therapy.

During this time I experienced sympathetic disturbance in the left hand with discolouration, swelling and temperature changes with difficulty in co-ordination and dexterous tasks which typical of a reflex sympathetic dystrophy. To this day I have no hot and cold sensation in the left side of the body and stiffness with some neural irritability in the posterior thigh extending to the foot and lateral hip. It took 18 months to wean off the medication for the complex pain syndrome that I experienced.

I have been in rehab programs for 2 years throughout Europe and the USA and have had multiple therapists. I can say without a doubt that the work that Bomi Bilimoria is doing on my body is world class and 2nd to none. Bomi has an incredible gift, along with his vast knowledge of Anatomy he has a sixth sense that allows his hands to get to the exact points that need’s releasing and enables the body to speed to the recovery process . His strength is a blessing as he can work deep if need as with me the trauma was very deep rooted and Bomi is one of the very few that could release the deep scar tissue in my body that enabled me to gain more flexibility and have less nerve irritation.

I would highly recommend Bomi as a professional and an excellent body worker and the fact that he is one of the nicest and most caring human beings that I have ever met is just a bonus to the incredible healing work that he is providing. There are many therapists in the bay area however Bomi is well worth the 45-minute drive for me from San Francisco.
(David O'Reilly, San Francisco/Spain )

After a lifetime of suffering from sciatic pain, I took the recommendation of a friend and made an appointment with Bomi. Skeptical as I was, I felt improvement after the first massage therapy session. By the third visit, I was virtually pain-free! Bomi's magic hands have worked wonders on me - most recently with post-rotator cuff surgery mobility. I sent a family member to him, and she's seeing the same wonderful results that I did. I can whole-heartedly recommend Bomi to anyone in need of massage therapy. He is a blessing in my life.
(Delores R., Cupertino)

Bomi has helped me recover from a serious fracture to my leg. I first met with Bomi, 7 weeks after my surgery. I came to him hoping he could help me reduce the pain and stiffness in the muscles, and also decrease the amount of numbness I was experiencing over the newly inserted pin/plate. He has done that and much more. Bomi has reduced my recovery time and given me a head start on physical therapy. I would highly recommend Bomi to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, caring, and highly motivating massage therapist.
(Adam Morrella, San Jose)

I have been going to Bomi now for over 1 year and he works wonders with my neck and upper back. Before Bomi I would usually go and get a deep tissue massage as soon as my neck and upper back got tight, these never really helped and I felt the same after a few days. Bomi works deeper into your muscles then I never thought possible getting into the core of the problem. Bomi is also a truly nice and sincere person and I recommend him as soon as I hear anyone having any back or neck problems. He is the best at what he does.
(Ingela Ruschin, San Jose)

I am a dual athlete and a cyclist who trains 8-14 hours a week and races about 20 events per year, so I get some amazing knots in my muscles. Monthly massages either after or before a big race, really make the difference for me. I first came to Bomi with some issues in my left knee. I had been diagnosed with Chondromalacia (also known as Runner’s knee)and hadn't been running for several months. In our first meeting Bomi went straight for my right hip and TFL, discovering some problems I didn't even know I had. He also started working intensely on the lower right quadrant of my back. After some 8 months of seeing Bomi and following the stretching advice he gave to me, I can report that my right TFL and lower back have never felt greater. In fact, I don't even notice the hip imbalance or low-grade back pain pain that was nagging me most of the time. As far as my knee is concerned, it too has never felt better. After 10 months of not running at all, I'm running 3-6 miles a week now with zero pain.

The progress I have seen this season with my body's ability to handle my training and racing schedule is mostly due to the work Bomi has done with me. I was able to train harder on the bike than ever with
minimal structural and muscular pain. I would recommend to all competitive athletes to get a massage at least once a month, but as I have learned the quality from one massage to another and indeed one
Massage Therapist to another can vary dramatically. With Bomi, however, you always know you're getting his very BEST and I promise you with each session you will learn something new about your body. But perhaps the most important difference between Bomi and all the other Massage Therapists I've seen, is that Bomi is the consummate professional. His energy and disposition are remarkable and he has an innate ability to create a meaningful bond with his clients and create an atmosphere not only of total relaxation but also TRUST. Every time I leave our sessions, I feel absolutely fantastic and have a huge smile to prove it. I honestly believe you would be hard pressed to find a better massage out there and I'm very confident you couldn't find a better person to get a massage from than Bomi.
(David Gantt Gurley, San Jose)

My story is such that I came to see Dr. Zitman for extreme tightness in my back and shoulders. Bomi at that time was going through his Massage Internship at the Cupertino Clinic and was giving free massages. I got in for my free massage on the very last day of his internship.

Over several months Bomi treated me through Therapeutic Massage for my tight and painful shoulders & upper back. I was literally hard as a rock in my neck & shoulders and Bomi sure took on the challenge to help me. Systematically he worked on all the tight areas of my upper body. As I often used to remark to him that Bomi does Massage Therapy much like an Engineer takes on a project ! Bomi & I both share an Engineering background , so we always had much to talk about.

Thank you Bomi for making the impossible quite possible. I appreciate all the help you have been giving me in getting rid of the hard rocks in my shoulders!
(Donna Nguyen, Saratoga)

Thank you Bomi for all that you have done.  I have never had a massage that has ever really done anything for me. However  in the last year I have had both upper back/neck issues and lower back problems. After a one hour session with you I am able to walk out of the building pain free. You are one of the very few REAL massage therapists. I am and my back is forever grateful for all that you have done for me. I will be a life long client. Thanks again.
(William Schweitzer, San Jose)

One never knows what journeys fate has planned for each of us. One of the more interesting of my journeys began in October 2006. I fell down on my outstretched right arm with what ultimately turned out to be much more than the hairline fracture in the radius bone in my arm.

After getting the cast off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I thought I would have a few sessions of physical therapy for my hand and I would be well on my way. But as the sessions progressed, I developed what is known as “Adhesive Capsulitis”. In layman’s terms it is known as “frozen shoulder”. And I do mean frozen. Apparently, I fell with such an impact, that my entire right side sustained quite a bit of trauma. Conventional treatment was cortisone injections and possibly, surgery.

So I thought I would do some research on frozen shoulder on the Internet and found several websites, the most comprehensive of which, was Janzen & Janzen Chiropractic. That was where I learned about an alternative treatment known as Active Release Technique. In March 2007, I met with Dr. Mike Janzen and decided to pursue treatment with the doctor and his team of colleagues.

The visits with the doctor are preceded by a session in which the muscles in the injured area are ‘warmed-up’ before the doctor begins the actual ART treatment. On my third visit, I was fortunate enough to have Bomi Bilimoria perform my warm-up. The only regret I had during that visit, was that my time with Bomi was not long enough!! After a couple of more visits, I asked Dr. Mike about a regimen of seeing Bomi for a full orthopedic massage session right before my ART treatments. He thought that would be an excellent course of treatment.

All I can say is that was the best decision I had made. As soon as I started to see Bomi on a regular basis in conjunction with the doctor, I noticed that my condition began to improve more steadily. Bomi was absolutely committed to restoring as much of my functionality as he could. And he did. Bomi always asked about my progress, took the time to explain what he was going to do and why. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES TO SEE HIS CLIENTS IMPROVE AND RECOVER.

Within five months, I had regained 75% of my functionality. Today I have almost a full range of motion all without having to undergo surgery. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t think about what would have happened in the days before the Internet.
(Maureen Andrews, Antioch)

Dr. Matt Janzen first introduced me to Bomi in the early months of 2007.  I was suffering with a sciatic nerve  problem and had much discomfort as I went about my days. I have had much success with Dr. Matt as my chiropractor and trusted his recommendation to have Bomi treat me through massage therapy. I'm so glad I did. The next several months Bomi treated me, I became more mobile with less pain do to the various techniques Bomi had learned through fabulous training, and which he continues to keep current. Bomi goes the extra mile. He is sensitive, and very intent on giving the best care possible. After a session with Bomi I would go home and make full use of my ice-pack and relax. The next day I would notice great results. By November of that year, I was more than ready to enjoy a three week cruise and tour from Italy to Greece which was fabulous. I was able to walk great distances and climbing as needed, to see all, I went to see. Thank you Bomi and thank you Dr. Matt. So much goes in to the work you do and the care you give. I highly recommend your practice to all.  
With great appreciation,
(Gail Swander , San Jose)

I have been a client of Bomi Massage for more than a year. I came to be working with Bomi as a result of Diabetes induced frozen shoulder. Bomi's work along with the team at Janzen & Janzen Chiropractic quickly reduced my constant pain to a tolerable level. This was after a year of traditional physical therapy with only limited short term results. Over time, Bomi's mixture of appropriate massage therapies and Active Release Technique have aided in my partial recovery, elimination of pain and preparation for the next phase of treatment. I have found Bomi to be creative in his approach and sensitive in terms of my personal pain tolerance. I am using his services post surgery after the removal of a bone spur in the same shoulder. and the results from the rehabilitative massage sessions done by Bomi are quite amazing.

( Bob Durstenfeld
Director, PR & Investor Relations, RAE Systems, Santa Clara)

If you are considering massage therapy to alleviate your muscle tension, I highly recommend Bomi Bilimoria. He has brought me progressive relief after each of the past four massage therapy sessions, by methodically addressing the root-cause for my discomfort.

A little about my situation: I have been getting chiropractic treatment from Dr. Matt Janzen for a while now for neck pain. The pain level was such that it started to affect my sleeping routine, waking me up in the middle of the night due to the discomfort. Hence, I sought and received chiropractic treatment and did experience relief.

Lately however, I have not been making much headway with the chiropractic adjustments, due to "extremely tightness” of my muscles in the neck/shoulder/back regions. Dr. Matt suggested a little over a month ago that a massage treatment from Bomi may do wonders for me. Dr. Matt was so convinced himself of the outcome that he actually paid for my first massage treatment, to overcome my initial skepticism.

And boy, Bomi sure made a believer out of me! After that very first session, I experienced noticeable relief in my shoulder and back muscles. For the following 3 sessions, he proceeded with his methodical regimen of deep tissue massage and stretching of specific muscles, and suggested daily neck exercises to me. I have continued to feel noticeable improvements over the past month, with some comfort in my last problem area, the neck region. In summary, I wished I had started sooner with the massage therapy sessions with Bomi, rather than waiting till I was offered a free session. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the progress I have made and expect to be virtually pain-free in the next couple sessions!
(Gus Liu, San Jose)

I have been visiting Bomi Bilimoria for massage therapy as part of a program of chiropractic, massage, and physical training in an effort to control pain caused by a herniated disk in my lower back. Bomi is excellent at listening to my condition and applying massage techniques that are moving me toward ever increasing periods without pain. Together we have worked on a journal system for me to track my everyday activities to continuously adjust the treatment. Not only do I feel very much better as a result of Bomi’s treatments, but besides his very skilled hands, I really appreciate his attention to detail and his sense of humor.
Allen Rosenzweig

Bomi’s massage therapy is intelligent, compassionate, professional and healing.  Some of my neck muscles had been rigid and stuck for many years and he was able to soften and relax them in just a few sessions.  I have also seen his medical massages produce released muscle tension and renewed life in a recovering spinal cord injury.  Bomi’s sensitive hands and intuitive knowledge become a fusion of several modalities and respond beneficially to the needs of his clients. I feel confident that my friends and students can benefit from his excellent work.
Betty Eiler
Yoga Instructor( Saratoga)

"Bomi is simply the best massage therapist I have ever encountered.  His knowledge of the body and muscles is excellent but his ability to gently release pain and tension is unsurpassed.  If you are new to massage or a massage veteran, Bomi makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet him.  Massage by Bomi, whether for rest and relaxation or for physical therapy, is one of the very best experiences you can give to yourself or to one you love!"

Karla Earnst (Saratoga)

What sets Bomi apart from the many massage therapists I have seen over the years is that he brings a unique combination; knowledge about the mechanics of the body, a deep compassion for his clients and their pain and a good set of hands. By "good hands" I mean someone who uses touch with respect as well as strength and skill. It is rare to find someone so committed to the well-being of others.

CJ (Cupertino)

Anyone who’s had a muscle injury knows that full recovery depends upon a number of things: a positive attitude, rest, excellent nutrition, patience, physical therapy or a re-training and strengthening program, and massage.

After years of doing all the right things to deal with chronic shoulder pain, including massages from various Swedish, Shiatsu, and general practitioners, I was continually frustrated when something as simple as reaching for a jar in the cupboard or lifting one of my grandchildren would send me back to Square One.

It got to the point where, because I was either in pain or afraid the pain would return, my kayak was covered up in the garage, the tires on my bike were flat from lack of use, and swimming for aerobic exercise was no longer an option.

And then I discovered Bomi Massage.

Just as a personal trainer develops a workout routine for you to meet your specific needs, Bomi Bilimoria creates a specific massage therapy plan that targets the exact muscles that need attention and teaches you what you need to know to get better and to stay that way once treatment is completed.

Thanks to Bomi, after all those years of chronic pain, I am now back to paddling, riding my bike, swimming, and playing with the grandchildren without fear of pain or re-injury.
Trust me, this is not your run of the mill, fru-fru massage! It’s worth every minute and every penny. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your future.
(Kitty C- Age 64- Antioch)

I started seeing Dr. Matt Janzen over a year ago, after being told that my neck and back were so tight you could play basketball off them. And they felt it, too.

With hopes of getting that area to become more like living tissue and less like varnished hardwood, I started scheduling therapeutic massages with Bomi to complement my chiropractic care. At each visit, Bomi takes time to ask -- and listen - about symptoms, so he can determine the best therapeutic approach for that day. Each massage is specifically geared to address those symptoms.

Bomi takes therapeutic massage to level of competence, care and professionalism that exceeds anything I have experienced. The fact that he is also a delightful and warmhearted individual is a bonus to
all his patients. I have recommended him to friends and family, and will continue to do so.
(JM, San Jose )

For a period of almost two years, my lower body had been bothering me. My hamstrings were tight, my quads ached, and my knees felt weak. I even found it difficult to walk at times because my feet were in so much pain. I soon discovered massage therapy and began attending sessions with Bomi on a regular basis. At first I was skeptical of massage therapy as I figured it would be no different than other regular massages that I had previously received in my life. But, this experience was very different.
Bomi provided a very detailed analysis of my symptoms and worked with me to get my body right again. Although painful at times, Bomi was able to loosen up my hips and take much of the strain out of my quads, calves and hamstring muscles. After each session, I felt incredibly refreshed and ready to get on with the rest of my day. The fact is that I believed that much of the pain I was feeling was simply the result of working out hard at the gym. I was a believer in the “no pain, no gain” form of thinking and figured that must be why I was hurting. But, the reality was that it had nothing to do with working out hard. My body was injured and needed to be properly healed. Bomi was able to provide that healing to the point where I feel so much better now than I ever did before. I am grateful for not only Bomi’s massage therapy treatment but also his friendship.
(Randy.W, San Jose)
August 10, 2008


I can’t thank you enough for the incredible results I’ve already seen with just 4 massages. The knots in the muscles of my neck and back have been with me for so many years, I had just learned to live with it. But more recently the inability to rotate my head even a reasonable degree and the daily headaches were becoming something I could no longer ignore. It was affecting all aspects of my life. It gets to a point when it just doesn’t make sense to “tough it out” any longer. The normal body massages I had gotten were not getting to the heart of the problem and didn’t provide relief for more than 24 hours.

Dr. Matt Janzen recommended some spinal adjustments in conjunction with seeing you (the “magic fingers guy” as I like to call you!) Your methods remind me of the correction I had to make on my i-Phone yesterday. One application had gone “down.” With a “soft reset,” it restored all of the applications to the original factory settings, reminding the i-Phone of what it was originally designed to do. What a perfect analogy to your work…doing a soft reset to my muscles and neurological system to “remind” them how they’re supposed to work together in unison.

Much like my i-Phone, there will probably be another “glitch” in my body with so many complex applications running simultaneously, but I now know the problem is correctable with a minor “soft reset” of the muscles.

Thank you and Dr. Matt Janzen so much.

Best wishes,
(Melanie Kemp, Los Gatos)

Bomi, I want to thank you for your professional and even fantastic work. Over the years I have made it a point to trust my bodywork to only the best and you have been there, right at the top. I appreciate your dedication and passion for your work and it shows in how much you have helped me and Joan over the past few years. I know I presented a challenge as you began working on my tight back and realized that I was a chiropractor. I am glad that you did not become too nervous!

Your confidence in and knowledge of what you were doing was evident and my back responded beautifully. In my experience, very few body workers rise to the level of expertise you have reached and if I were not now retired, I would be referring my patients to you to take care of the soft tissue issues that always seem to slow the healing process during chiropractic care.  

Thank you and please consider me one of your best references, if you ever need it.
 And so, Bomissimo!
( John D. Young DC, San Jose)

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for over 30 years due to an auto accident at age 17. I have taken as many as 16 Advil a day to cope with the pain and continue working. Although for the most part the bone structure has improved the muscle damage was/is bad.

I have had many types of therapy in attempts to just ease the pain regardless of trying to fix the problem.

I was referred to Bomi by my chiropractor. I found his intense caring and pleasant personality refreshing. Bomi's technique and fusion of “physical therapy with massage” has incredible results. After a few sessions I had a remarkable decrease in pain. I actually started sleeping through the night and not waking up in pain.

I do recommend Bomi to ALL my friends as a first resort and not the last. After many years of suffering, time and money I know that BOMI IS "THE BOMB”.
(Lenita Cobb, Sunnyvale)

I have been a happy client of Bomi's for well over a year.  I began using his treatments to clear up some chronic back and shoulder pain and his very thorough and thoughtful approach to Orthopedic Massage was exactly what I was looking for.  This is not the "resort and spa" treatment - it is a rigorous and deep approach to the problem areas.

My real appreciation of Bomi's talents were when I decided to get the shoulder surgery I had put off for many years.  Once that decision was made Bomi focused his attention on relaxing and keeping the shoulder as loose as possible.  I had a 2 hour session the day before the operation and I believe that was responsible for the speed of my full recovery.  Two months after the surgery I began working with Bomi again and his focused Orthopedic Massage in parallel with the post surgical Physical Therapy really worked wonders to control pain and gain full shoulder mobility.  I have my shoulder back!
Can't thank him enough.
Matt Barletta, San Jose
 Director of Technical Marketing
Wireless Networking Business Unit (WNBU)

“Bomi’s expertise continues to amaze me. As a result oriented massage therapy client, my expectations are high. When I’m in pain, I want it to go way, period.

I like the fact that Bomi explains what he’s doing as he works with you. His orthopedic massage skills, coupled with muscle energy technique work quickly and the results last.

As soon as you meet Bomi, he makes you feel relaxed. As you tell him your concerns, you can tell his focus is not only on your discomfort, it is also on your overall wellbeing.

He really listens to what’s going on with you.

I refer Bomi to all my friends including other moms, family members and my boot camp buddies. The feedback is always the same, “wow, he really knows what he’s doing”.

For those women out there who are apprehensive about getting a massage from a male therapist, I have to tell you that Bomi is on a whole different level than your typical male therapist. I don’t know how else to describe it other than a feeling of safety. Feel comfortable that you will be receiving a nurturing, results oriented therapeutic experience.  Bomi is the best therapist I’ve found.”
(Susan McPartlan, San Jose )



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